DVM Jennifer Hefftner

May 7, 2019

Clinical Case Report

Signalment: Pistol, 8-year-old FS Corgi cross. History: Pistol had been attacked by a house-mate about 2 ½ weeks prior to presentation. Owner did not seek treatment initially due to financial constraints and lack of external wounds.  Over the 3 days prior to presentation she had stopped eating and had become progressively more lethargic and a large abscess had ruptured on her back. No major past medical or surgical history. No medications or supplements. Initial Exam: T: 103.5 F (39.6 C)  P:  76bpm  R:  pant GEN: attitude – quiet, alert and responsive. Hydration – mild (6-8%) dehydration. BCS 6/9 EENT: eyes […]