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Latest articles published by members

May 7, 2019

Clinical Case Report

Signalment: Pistol, 8-year-old FS Corgi cross. History: Pistol had been attacked by a house-mate about 2 ½ weeks prior to presentation. Owner did not seek treatment initially due to financial constraints and lack of external wounds.  Over the 3 days prior to presentation she had stopped eating and had become progressively more lethargic and a large abscess had ruptured on her back. No major past medical or surgical history. No medications or supplements. Initial Exam: T: 103.5 F (39.6 C)  P:  76bpm  R:  pant GEN: attitude – quiet, alert and responsive. Hydration – mild (6-8%) dehydration. BCS 6/9 EENT: eyes […]
March 7, 2019

Clinical Case Presentation: Canine Fibrocartilagenous Embolism

PATIENT SIGNALMENT: Canine. English springer spaniel. Male, castrated. 11 years old. HISTORY / CLINICAL SIGNS: According to the owner, the patient had been acting normally, running around on the owner’s large property until he suddenly went down and could no longer walk. The patient was brought into a local veterinary clinic immediately once the owner discovered him down outside. PAST HISTORY: Previous left cranial cruciate ligament tear. Otherwise, no previous major medical issues. CURRENT MEDICATIONS: None. Receives monthly heartworm, flea, and tick preventives. PHYSICAL / NEUROLOGICAL EXAM FINDINGS: Acute onset lameness. Non-ambulatory tetraparesis. Non-painful, no hyperpathia noted. Mentation: BAR. Head […]
March 2, 2019

Missing tooth! Why do we need to recommend dental radiographs?

In dogs, we may find that permanent teeth are missing on the oral examination and most often this is an incidental finding. However, this is an important finding, as it may cause problems to the animal. Therefore, complete oral examination and dental radiographs under general anaesthesia are recommended to determine the nature of the problem. Congenitally missing teeth cause no clinical problem to the animal and the reason for a missing tooth is mostly unknown, but may be hereditary. Dental radiographs are needed to confirm the true absence of the teeth (Fig. 1). The tooth can also be missing if […]