My Veterinary Path

After obtained my baccalaureate in sciences, I integrated a high national degree program of biotechnology in Bordeaux.  It was a way to access to prep school of veterinary exam and at the same time acquired abilities and general knowledge in science.

During this course, I had the chance to do research lab practice in a research team of the National vet school of Toulouse.  It was amazing 3 months to take part of a public and animal Health Study about the detection and the characterization of avian viruses in Togo and Benin. We performed a lot of biomolecular assays and we reached to publish our results and to present it at an international Congress – Munich -Zaragoza – Toulouse about zoonosis.  

By the way, I did an internship in the naturalism lab of the Natural History Museum of Toulouse. I participated at the naturalisation of bears, a lama, a squirrel and wild birds.  

After obtained my HND, the prep school program of vet school exam has hired me.  I failed but I had the possibility to enter in an agronomic engineer school in Toulouse. It does not match with the way that I would like to work with animals that’s why I opted for a 3rd year of bachelor degree in Animal biology, physiology and immunology.  

Casually, I discovered the vet school of Valencia by the Internet, i applied and they accept me thanks to my cv and my experiences.  UCH-CEU Valencia was my last opportunity to become a vet. It was probably one of the best days of my life when I’ve been accepted.  

Since my entrance at the Vet school, I involved myself in various extra curriculum activities. I was so happy to finally start as a vet student that I wanted to participate in the most possible extra activities to enjoy the experience at 100%.

In first year, I was an intern student in the department of foreign students, thanks to this experience it was easier to progress in the learning of Spanish and to meet people. The first year of a vet student is basically focused on anatomy and physiology but we start to perform blood extraction in sheep and to realize ours firsts medicals exams on farm pedagogic dogs. You feel so happy to become a vet student, to spent time in the university farm, it’s a great year.  

My second year was at the same time of the opening of the new veterinary clinical hospital of my university. I get involved as a student intern, and maybe it was the year I’ve learned more about clinical daily practice. I spent 242hours of the year in the pet area, at the end of the year I was capable of doing a pre anaesthesia check up: ( thoracic x-ray, blood analysis, ECG, …). It was huge for a second year student.

Each summer, in France I enjoyed to go to practice in a clinical centre that is near of my family house. When I was a kid (8 years old), I was as a young pupil intern to discover the veterinarian job, and to come back as a vet student intern is a great satisfaction. They trust me and they learn to me so much, I will be there for my last intern 2 months practices before graduation.

In my third year of vet school that was to me the hardest year, I didn’t do an internship during school year but I participated in the organization and in a scientific comunication for the Congress of veterinary surgery of Spain Society (SECIVE).

I presented a poster about : the aplication of the plasma enriched in autologous growth factors asociated con mesenchymental steam cells derivated from fat for the treatment of experimental wounds in rabbits. I took part of a learning experiment in laparoscopic surgery tech, it was an amazing experience.  Third year is a year focused on clinical of horses and pets but at the same time aspects of produccions basis, sheep and swine production. It’s a huge program between theory and practice times.

Now, I am at the end of my fourth year of school. It was a year full of oportunities and I enjoyed it to improve my knowledge and to adquire more abilities.

The fact to be a special intern student in the imaging department was a chance to become autonome to perform a complete abdominal ecography, x-ray positioning, and the basis of TAC. To be 12 hours per week in the hospital enabled me  to follow clinical cases, to be more confident about my vet student routine tasks and to learn a lot.

Moreover, i had created with a friend a new student group about surgery of pets, maybe this is the thing that I’m prouder. It aims at practice more basic surgery, 2 hours by week with a group of 10 students. With this iniative, we had a time to practice surgery techs, to improve and to be guided by 2 teachers that helped us. By this way, I am more aware of what it means to manage a project like this, you need to be very organized, to schedule a lot of things and the success of your group depends on you. 

It was not easy everyday but we learn a lot and we will try to continue this project next year and to improve the functionement. I presented a scientific poster in the international student congress of my university about a surgery tech in dogs to remove spleen. 

About clinical investigation research projects, I participated in a study of traumatology aplication with human surgeons like Garcia Cugat with the management of joint wounds in sheep as model. I’m part of other study which deals with the obtention of plasma and his aplication in the cat in case of periodontal  and skin desease.

I participate in an inovative project : ” Teach, learn and grow :  Veterinary Surgery ”. I tought to 2nd year students basis of surgery materials, initiation of traumatology and basis suture techs. It was great to discover how is to teach and i loved this experience.

I helped to organize master degree sessions of surgery soft tissue and in imaging diagnosis. It’s a great oportunity because I assist at all the session of theory and practice and I learned a lot.

For my last year, I have the project to work on an experimental project to graduate my title of Veterinarian. I will continue to be part of the hospital as an intern to improve my knowledge and my extra curiculum activities. There are some prejudices about spanish vet school education, to me the perfect school doesnt exist, but you can improve yourself by summer practice, by getting involved in more project and in this university it’s really possible to reach it and it depends on your dedication.

Future as a vet

            I want to achieve my goal and be a general practice veterinarian, at first and then, i want to start working in emergency to learn a lot and to continue my formation in vet clinical centers. I think the best thing about vet job is that you can be in the same day, generalist, radiologist, anesthetist, surgeon, … and I don’t want to lose this aspect. To my mind, as a start it isn’t a good idea to specialize too soon, maybe it’s better to acquire experience before.

Manon Tournou
Manon Tournou
Manon Tournou is a fourth year student at the University CEU Cardenal Herrera in Valencia, Spain. She is 27 years old and she is from France. She is the President of the Veterinary Surgery Club of the CEU University. She is an intern student in the medical imaging department at her university hospital and she takes part in many clinical research projects. Manon is also a student assistant in masters of soft tissue veterinary surgery and in masters of diagnostic imaging. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Animal Biology Physiology and Immunology.  She also has a high National Degree in Biotechnology. She plans to stay in Spain and to start working as an Emergency and Critical Care Veterinarian. Follow Manon Tournou and her great work on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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